Writing Cheerleading

Welcome to my Writing Cheerleading page where I share my experiences in the hopes it will encourage writers in various ways. I can’t imagine not writing, even if I have occasional slumps. I know I’ll get myself out of it because I love it too much.

I’m here to help with imposter syndrome, “I’ll never male it” syndrome, and “my friends don’t like my book” syndrome to name a few. All of this is perfectly normal during any writing process. It’s hard and time-consuming, and if you’re like me, it can be thought-consuming, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

Here are just some of the things I like to help fellow writers with…

  • Encouragement through the slumps.
  • Unravelling confusing and contradicting writing advice.
  • Sharing inspiration.
  • Being realistic about timeframes.
  • Finding the right critique partners and beta readers.
  • Time management.
  • Cheap writing tools.
  • Sharing ups and downs.

Writing Cheerleading posts…

Writing Ranting – How Realistic Are Your Characters? Part 1

I recently saw a few TikTok posts from the same account about portraying body size and characters of colour in books and related character art. I genuinely appreciated her pointing this out since I have mixed race characters and some who are plus sized. I’ve included a couple of her…


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Writing Ranting – Pushing Boundaries Part 2

TRIGGER WARNING: This post mentions traumatic situations. Last week I talked about pushing personal boundaries in how far you were willing to go in your writing. Today, I’m going to talk about how that content will impact other readers.  Spicy scenes Graphic violence  Killing off characters Dark themes that might…

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Writing Ranting – Pushing Boundaries part 1

TRIGGER WARNING: This post mentions traumatic situations. Pushing boundaries in writing can mean pushing your personal boundaries or pushing your story’s boundaries. This means different things to different writers, but I’m referring to adult content and dark themes. Spicy scenes Graphic violence  Killing off characters Dark themes that might be…

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Writing Ranting – Helping Other Writers! Part 1

There are lots of ways writers can support one another.  Sharing WIPs for feedback Brainstorming Helping through writer’s block and imposter syndrome Sharing about their books on social media Reviewing published books (ARCs) I try to do all of these things for those I can, and after a blip in…

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Writing Ranting – Helping Other Writers! Part 2

Writing may come naturally in some ways, but not necessarily in others. One writer might have the ideas for a fun story with a good structure. Another might have a knack for writing dialogue, while another is better at scene-setting or world-building. These are just a few aspects that make…

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Writing Ranting with Others!

Join my Discord group and rant about writing with others. @LoveFantasy#0367 Writing is scary. Sharing your writing is scary and confusing and chaotic sometimes. I have a small writing group on Discord called Writing Ranting with Others. It’s not the usual kind of writing group. The main aim of the…

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Writing Ranting – Backup Your Work FFS!

I don’t know why, in this day and age, people can’t wrap their heads around backing up their work. This is another rant prompted by a forum discussion I saw a while back where a fellow writer had lost their work when their laptop died.  When I recommended a cloud…

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Writing Is a Business!

Writing is a business, especially if you plan to self-publish. You need to start thinking like a business owner as well as a writer. Make time for the various writing tasks the way you would at any other job.That’s if you want to make an income from it, otherwise, write…

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Writing Ranting – Why Do I Write? Part One!

Because I can’t imagine not writing, and if you ask yourself this too off, then something isn’t right.That doesn’t mean you should stop writing. But maybe it’s time to evaluate how writing fits into your life. In this post and the next, I’m going to be breaking down two of…

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Writing Ranting – Why Do I Write? Part Two!

In my previous post, I mentioned a forum post on a writing website where a struggling writer was overwhelmed with their writing projects and hated their job. Firstly, I get it. I’ve had crappy jobs in the past that suck all my energy so I don’t feel like writing after…

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Writing a Series!

Writing a series can boggle a writer’s mind before you get things figured out. If you plan to write multiple standalones with overlapping characters and world-building, then you have more freedom with plots. But if you plan for your series to be one massive story with shorter installments in each…

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Writing Outside your Wheelhouse!

Do it. Seriously, put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see how deeply you can dig. It doesn’t have to be a whole novel. It could be a short story or an occasional POV in a bigger story.  This is NOT about sensitivity or political correctness. This is about tolerance…

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Therapeutic Writing!

As it’s mental health month, I thought that now is as good a time as any to talk about how writing can be therapeutic. Living with a mental illness sucks, and I get overwhelmed with emotions easily. Sometimes I don’t know how I feel and why, so I get to…

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Let’s Get Technical!

Technology has changed the way people write and share and publish books. In the five years I’ve been writing, I’ve found various ways to organise and improve my writing skills. Also, it’s really fun and gives me a creative break while still being productive with my writing. Ok, let’s get the…

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Work/Life/Writing Balance!

It’s ironic that my last post was about how writing is the same as running a small business, and then I go and do almost nothing writing related this month. Normally, I’d feel bad about that, and the lack of creative outlet would drag my mood down. But it’s done…

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Unravelling Writing Advice…

Unravelling Writing Advice – How Often To Write!

Introducing my new series Unravelling Writing Advice where I explain how the advice works and adapts for every writer. Most of the advice I’ve seen talks about weekly goals and daily writing schedules. It helps keep you organised and motivated. Without regular goals, your writing time can get lost in the haze that is the … Continue reading “Unravelling Writing Advice – How Often To Write!”

Unravelling Writing Advice – Show Don’t Tell!

Another installment from Unravelling Writing Advice series. Firstly, what is “tell” and what is “show?” Telling – He was tired.  Showing – His limbs became heavy, and his eyelids fluttered. Okay, so that was a quick example. But you get the point. The first example outright tells us how he feels whereas the second describes … Continue reading “Unravelling Writing Advice – Show Don’t Tell!”

Unravelling Writing Advice – When to Hire and Editor!

Another installment from Unravelling Writing Advice series. I’ve never hired an editor, and there’s a reason for that. Let me explain… When it comes to hiring editors, I’ve discovered there are three types of writer. The writer who gets an editor before they’ve finished their WIP or pays an editor even though they plan to … Continue reading “Unravelling Writing Advice – When to Hire and Editor!”

Unravelling Writing Advice – 1st POV Isn’t Automatically Closer Than 3rd.

Another installment from Unravelling Writing Advice series. This is something that bugs me when so-called “experienced” writers claim that 1st POV is more effective emotionally than 3rd. Well, yes… but no. Let me explain. 1st pronouns might make a POV feel more effective depending on the reader, but if you want to make that emotional … Continue reading “Unravelling Writing Advice – 1st POV Isn’t Automatically Closer Than 3rd.”

Unravelling Writing Advice – Every Scene Must Move the Story Forward

I completely agree with this. But there’s often some misunderstandings as to what elements are capable of moving a story forward. Most people think of plot movement, which is like the skeleton of a story. It’s the structure that holds everything together, otherwise your story is just a mass of flesh and gooey gross body … Continue reading “Unravelling Writing Advice – Every Scene Must Move the Story Forward”

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